There are some key things you should consider when choosing a stable for your horse, and we've created a Boarding FAQs. You can also learn more about our facility by reading the sections below.


Stable Arena

The stable arena is an important part of our facility. This area is used for indoor lessons and training, as well as an area for the horses to get exercise and training when there is inclement weather. If you hold a birthday party or visit us with the boy/girl scouts or 4-H, you'll spend some of your time in this 12,800 square foot arena.


Outdoor Arena & Equestrian Area

Our outdoor arena is primarily used for turning out the horses, allowing them to have a large area to frolic and run. Additionally, the outdoor arena is the setting for the three horse shows we annually host.

Round Pen

Our round pen has multiple purposes, including an isolated area for letting the horses get exercise, as well as allowing veterinary professionals and staff to make inspections of the horses.

Inside Stalls

Our inside stalls are used for housing our lesson/training horses, miniature horses, and the horses of those customers and partners who have selected a internal stall for their horse. Stalls are continuously monitored for the natural wear and tear that comes with housing horses, and all issues are addressed in a timely manner. Natural materials are always used in the stalls to ensure the best environment for the horses.

Outdoor Stalls

The outdoor stalls are used for housing the horses of those customers and partners who want their horse to be kept outside at all times. The outdoor stalls provide a more open area for the horses to explore and run, but there are also covered areas where the horses can be protected from the weather.