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Very nice indoor working space. They were very accommodating. Had a great time visiting and hanging out with the staff and was left to concentrate on our horses and given space to work. Just what I was looking for!
— Amy Piere-Soll
Great Atmosphere with very knowledgeable horse owners! The stables are very well kept and both arenas are always ready for riding! The owners are also wonderful and very professional to be around! Highly recommend ALC!
— Author Hope
American Legacy Complex is a great barn to board and take lessons at. The staff work hard to insure your horses are comfortable and happy. The staff are very friendly and helpful answering questions you may have about your horses well being.
— Kailee McCullock
I have been here since 2001 and I currently board several horses. I moved from another facility that was accident prone, and I appreciate the attention to safety here. I also have a horse in training now and I am impressed with how my mare is progressing. I have worked the birthday parties and scout badges, as well as summer camp, over the years and I can say that the owner is committed to children learning the basics about horses. The owner treats her horses like family members. Overall I have been very satisfied here and plan to stay
— Christine Reed
This was my first time visiting a horse stable. I expected it to just be dirty and with a lot of people who didn’t have patience for me as a non-horse kind of person. I was pleasantly surprised that the American Legacy staff were not only friendly, but made an effort to educate me...even though I was not a potential customer. It is obvious that they are all horse enthusiasts! I would recommend this place to anyone I know who is interested in horses. Also, it’s a relaxing way to get out of the city!
— Anonymous Visitor
I have been a customer of American Legacy Complex for 18 years. Our daughter began riding lessons at age 9 yrs, has participated in their sponsored 4-H, given lessons, cleaned stalls and worked Girl Scout events, horse camps and birthday parties. She has used the stable horses and boarded her own horses at this facility. I feel I can give a more honest review than those folks with short term relationships. I speak to parents concerns first. Foremost, safety is #1 at this stable. Had it not been so we would not have remained clients. In the horse world accidents can happen but can be avoided by the child following directions from qualified instructors, which have been available to us at this stable. As a person who pays each month for the care of a horse, we have always been extremely satisfied with the care provided and condition of the facility. Again, we would not have stayed at this stable if it were otherwise. Many of the boarders are long term and I am offended by such reviews that have been posted as retaliation by spiteful individuals. We long term customers have good judgement and experience with horses so I can confidently share that I highly recommend American Legacy Complex for parents, boarders, Girl Scouts and birthday parties. You will be pleased and the kids will have a great time!
— Susan Blum

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